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Meet the Artist - Becca Latham

We sat down with artist in residence, Becca Latham, to find out more about the person who uses graphic design and illustration to give purpose to communications and imagery she feels passionately about. 24-year-old Latham, who studies BA Graphic Design at the University of Sunderland believes her time at university has played a massive role in shaping the designer she is today and that her studies have allowed her to hone in on her preferred style of work, which includes lots of pastels and soft colours, as well as working on campaigns and commissions that have punchy taglines.

Having studied art at school, Becca developed a passion for taking part in anything creative and has gone on to study both fine art and graphic design throughout her education. At such a young age, Becca has successfully found the right balance of separating her work from her own personal time, however she insists that because she didn’t plan on being a graphic designer, doing her creative work still feels likes a hobby and a passion as opposed to a job.

Latham, who works part-time in a construction firm alongside her studies got candid with us when talking about the challenges faced by many artists who are starting on their creative journey. Having access to creative spaces and environments is not something that is afforded to many creatives, and this plays a huge part in their progression. Becca knew that when the opening for MBC’s Arts Council England funded Artist Residency came up, it was too good an opportunity to pass on. Speaking of this, Becca said, “I don’t have space at home or access to my own studio, so this Artist Residency has been incredible in providing me with somewhere I can come to and practice my trade, in my own space and then showcase my work at the end of it during the exhibition.” Adding, “I’m incredibly grateful to both MBC Arts Wellbeing and Arts Council England for giving me this opportunity, it has helped me massively and It has allowed me to develop as a person and also as a professional.”

When asked what we can expect to see during Becca’s exhibition and she told us “You can expect to see lots of graphics work, textiles, lots of different medias, but more importantly my work will have a clear message that I am passionate about.” We asked if this would include lots of the same colour palettes and design elements that can be found in Becca’s personal brand and that of her commissioned work, to which Becca laughed and gave an approving nod.

Our discussion moves onto the future and what is has in store for Becca following the end of the artist residency. Becca said “I’m looking forward to finishing my degree and continuing my work at the construction firm I’m at. I’m also going to spend a lot of time on my freelance work because I really want to grow my business and my brand. I enjoy collaborating with people and brands to create something special that both parties can be proud of.”

Becca went onto add, “My work is a lot more cohesive now and I have a clear vision for what I want to do moving forward. Branching out into creating bespoke wedding stationary, alternative designs and working on campaigns to create social change is something that excites me, and I can’t wait to get started.

We’re incredibly grateful to Becca for taking the time to sit down with us and give us some insight into who she is as an artist. We’re also immensely grateful to Arts Council England for funding this project, as without the funding this project would not be able to go ahead, and we would not have been able to showcase the amazingly talented Becca Latham.

To find more of Becca’s work online or to commission Becca for work, you can visit her website and social media pages on the links below, or use the email address below to get in touch.



Instagram: @beccallatham

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