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Meet the Artist - Emily Kitching

In the realm of artistic expression, few mediums possess the ability to capture the essence of nature quite like ceramics. Emily Kitching, a talented 24-year-old BA Glass and Ceramics graduate from Sunderland, has embarked on a remarkable journey, delving into the world of ceramics to create captivating sculptures inspired by the natural world. Emily's dedication to her craft, coupled with her quiet yet passionate nature, has propelled her artistic pursuits to new heights. With the support of an Arts Council England funded residency, Emily has been able to explore her creativity, enhance her online presence, and nurture her love for art. This article delves into the life, inspirations, and accomplishments of Emily Kitching, shedding light on her artistic journey and the impact of her recent residency.

A Passion Ignited:

From a tender age, Emily Kitching discovered solace and inspiration in the arts. Throughout her school years, she nurtured her love for creativity and diverse art forms, always seeking to explore new avenues of expression. Emily's deep-rooted connection with nature, particularly coastal environments, natural corals, and the serenity of woodlands, consistently finds its way into her artwork. Her journey as a ceramic artist has allowed her to channel her passion for the outdoors, resulting in stunning pieces that evoke the beauty and tranquillity of the natural world.

The Arts Council England Residency:

The opportunity provided by the Arts Council England funded residency has been a turning point in Emily's artistic career. It has granted her the space and resources needed to delve deeper into her creative process, expanding her artistic horizons and enabling personal growth. Through this project, Emily has been able to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them, all while blossoming both as an artist and as an individual.

Artistic Growth and Confidence:

Emily's journey as a ceramic artist has been one of constant improvement and self-discovery. Over time, her skills have developed alongside her confidence, and she attributes a significant portion of this growth to the support received during the residency. The opportunity to focus solely on her craft has allowed her to refine her techniques, explore new ideas, and gain invaluable experience in exhibiting her work.

The Exhibition: A Window into Emily's World:

The culmination of Emily's residency is an eagerly anticipated exhibition that promises to transport visitors into a world where nature and ceramic art seamlessly merge. As Emily explains, attendees can expect to encounter a plethora of hand-built sculptures, adorned with earthy tones and inspired by the enchanting elements of the outdoors. Each piece serves as a testament to her ability to capture the organic beauty and intricate details found in the natural world, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her artistic vision.

Art for All: The Role of Technology and Social Media:

Emily firmly believes in the power of technology and social media to democratise the arts and make them accessible to a wider audience. Recognising the potential of social platforms, she has embraced them as tools for connecting with people, fostering new opportunities, and sharing her creative journey. By utilising social media correctly, artists like Emily can transcend physical boundaries and expose their work to a global community, expanding their reach and impact.

A Future Shaped by Creativity:

Looking ahead, Emily plans to utilise the newfound creative space in her home to continue crafting ceramics and exploring commissioned pieces. The residency has opened doors for her, equipping her with the skills, confidence, and connections necessary to pursue her artistic dreams. With her unwavering belief in the transformative power of art, Emily aspires to create meaningful experiences, connect with people, and foster a sense of unity through her work.

To find out more about Emily’s work you can visit her social media pages below.


Instagram: @emkiart

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